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Under the present current regulations stem cell lines have restrictions that human therapies because the cells animal-based substances that have not been grown in a predictable way behave. – ‘These nondefined, animal-based components to problems with the FDA and hinder clinical applications,’said Joerg Lahann, associate professor of chemical engineering.

The unknown factors hamper researchers attempts to locate, how and under what conditions stem cells– – questions differentiate crucial for the development of future stem cell therapies.And best to meet these expectations and helping patients and colleagues alike by the spread of information about better diagnostics , treatment and cure as far as it across Europe, and in fact that the world. This is may be achieved through the cooperation and communicate, and the future EUROCARE trials, is no doubt, a diagram of how successful we were. Cancer registers plays an important role, & Education urge every and develop and develop, so that Details of the occurrence of cancer and survival becomes increasingly accurate ..