They say they now understand the mechanism behind them.

The British researchers found that these modified compounds were 100 times more powerful at combating cancer cells as ecstasy. They say they now understand the mechanism behind them.

Therefore , researchers have spent the last six years, with the attempt to separate and isolate its cancer – busting properties, so that patients could be spared if the toxic ingredients. They worked with scientists from the University of Western Australia. The Australian researchers created the new, modified compounds – .. Scientist at the same research department at the University of Birmingham had already discovered that certain psychotropic They say some antidepressants and weight loss pills have been effective in suppressing the development of white blood cancer cells. The problem was that there was no significant effect of these drugs at cancer patients, the dose should be high enough to it kill.Bimuno has digests prebiotic properties it will not be destroyed, and imply absorbed from the gastrointestinal or small bowel There reaches. Order large intestine remain intact selective in and to feed the body’s immunity bifidus bacteria increasing while reducing harmful bacteria. 6.32 percent of drug Price rose by 5.5 percent at first half of 2005, New Research company show.