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Where an error can be the point is, fullerenes in the procedure for the preparation of aqueous solutions to? Osta Cialista Ilman Reseptiä . Preparation of the first solution are fullerenes in the polar solvent , which dissolves readily in water dissolved. For example the American researchers used tetrahydrofuran. It is impossible to refine the fullerene aqueous solution in such a way obtained from an organic solvent. It was the organic solvent that caused food poisoning. ‘It is very strange that it occurred adverse changes in the fish brain, since no such changes in either the liver or gills are observed. Moreover lipid peroxygenation addressed in these organs from slow down, that is demonstrated fullerenes to their antioxidant properties. Selective brain lesions may be caused by substances such as inhalation anesthetics are one diethyl ether.

Tetrahydrofuran has the effect similar to that of the ether, but it is much more toxic, it is not tetrahydrofuran fullerenes that causes fish brain lesion , this model well. Describes the available data on the toxicity of fullerene aqueous solutions, says GV Andrievsky. We believe that non – modified fullerenes pose no risk to the environment and treated in the same treated in the same manner as ordinary soot.

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