With centers in Chicago.

‘More than 7.5 million women in the U.S. With symptomatic fibroids reject the surgical possibilities to them for treatment of uterine fibroids,’ stated Jeffrey M. Cohen, Halt Medical CEO. ‘Hysterectomy can be an over-used therapy which has many potential complications. Patients deserve a choice that treats just the fibroids and allows them to obtain lives back.’.. Acessa Process: The Fibroid Treatment Collaborative’s main surgical therapy for uterine fibroids The Fibroid Treatment Collaborative, with centers in Chicago, IL and Austin TX, announced today the adoption of the Acessa Method as its primary surgical therapy for patients experiencing uterine fibroids.The ultimate dilution was 1:320, and samples for which the end-point titers were higher were assigned a value of just one 1:640. Specimens were examined in duplicate, and the geometric mean values were used in analyses. Statistical Analysis The group sizes used are usual for phase 1 studies and were not predicated on power calculations. Data evaluation was undertaken with the use of Stata software . For unsolicited and solicited adverse reactions, the %ages of subjects with postvaccination reactions were based on the frequency and severity of the reported responses after vaccination. We used a two-sided Fisher’s exact check to evaluate proportions between vaccine groupings. All reported P ideals are two-sided, with no adjustment for multiple assessment; values of 0.05 or much less were considered to indicate statistical significance.