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Each unit is a single nano-particles that contains voltage – sensitive dyes. When stimulated with blue light, the dyes emit red and green light, and the ratio of red to green corresponding to the strength of the electric field in the region of interest. But the ability to , the measurements revealed surprisingly high electric fields in cytosol– – gelatinous material, the most of a cell’s interior. ‘The standard paradigm is that there is zero electric fields in cytosol, ‘Kopelman said, ‘but all the 13 regions we measured had high electric field strength– – as high as 15 million volts per meter. ‘In comparison, the electric field strength inside a typical home five to 10 volts per meter; directly under a power line, it is 10,000 volts per meter.

It is already known that changes in the electric fields, which may be associated with membranes play a role in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and researchers have explored stimulate the use of externally applied electric fields for wound healing and nerve growth factor and regeneration -. As for the UM researchers will Philbert , delving into a neurotoxicologist, to change how intracellular fields with exposure to nerve toxins, and Kopelman, who is with Philbert and researchers in the UM Medical School new approaches to cancer detection and treatment together, is interested, comparing electric fields in cancerous and non-cancerous cells.While each develop sleep apnea can, it is more common in those high blood pressure, large tonsils, stuffy nose and have overweight. Is prevalent in men more than 40 years. Has a neck a neck circumference is larger than 16 inch have an increased risk of of OSA. Among men provides an Neck circumf greater than 17 inches them at risk.