Without significant adverse results reported.

Stephen Thompson, CEO and President of Immtech, stated, We are happy with the preliminary outcomes of this study, which will be incorporated in the upcoming randomized open label Phase III pivotal study to be carried out at multiple sites in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Immtech International, Inc. Is certainly a pharmaceutical firm advancing the development of treatments for fungal infections, malaria, tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia and tropical illnesses, including African sleeping sickness and leishmaniasis..Stem cell therapies represent tremendous potential for medical advance and offer a legitimate basis for hope in areas where current remedies are woefully inadequate, Katz said. However, marketing statements routinely extend well past the limits of science and exploit false hopes, he added. Desperation may breed a specific brand of gullibility, so the individuals to whom such clinics cater may be susceptible to what sounds especially, and in fact is, too good to be true, Katz said.

Advanced Cancer Therapeutics secures $10M in investments Advanced Cancer Therapeutics , a for-profit private company dedicated to bringing new anti-cancer therapies to advertise, today announced that this has secured $10 million in investments from high net-well worth individuals and establishments.