You can learn about food and its effect on the brain in Newcastle.

This year, you can learn about food and its effect on the brain in Newcastle, visit a neuroscience research laboratory in London, and self – discovery, where to take creativity and Brain Sciences in Glasgow, with an art exhibition expression of the feelings of a group of people who have experienced brain injury.

– Brain Awareness Week, will help ensure that valuable research, scientists and plan for the future – and dreams – are widely recognized, especially in the public, says EDAB vice chairman Colin Blakemore.. Brain Awareness Week is a global celebration of the latest brain research. It is from the European Dana Alliance for the Brain , an organization that brain research, and the U.S. Promotes coordinated by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. During Brain Awareness Week, hundreds of events around the world inspire and inform the public with information about the latest advances in brain research.Doc Zodiacal and Paras offer senior citizens the following tips for a cool and injury-free Sommer:. – Slow down if to reach temperatures to extreme highs begin, you should stay in the coolest are available Town, of the sun and at an airconditioned room and and or eliminate any strenuous activities.