Your current extensive program of studies has been carried out in 15 countries.

Your current extensive program of studies has been carried out in 15 countries, with the most important regions in the EU, the U.S., Taiwan and Russia to more than 350 pages and contains nearly 2,000 treatment-experienced and treatment-na ve? Patients in total.

This Phase IIb results provide a strong argument for the further development is, BI 201335 during his progress through Phase III.. The entire BI 201335 Fast Track Fast Track designation from the FDA was obtained. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has developed a fast-track procedure the development and review the development and review of important new drugs for serious illnesses faster than usual, allow to fill an unmet medical need. Professor Klaus Dugi, Corporate Senior Vice President Medicine at Boehringer Ingelheim said, We move our BI 201335 program with high priority to exploit their potential for cure rates in HCV treatment to improve We believe that , our HCV pipeline important tool important tool to fight a chronic disease that affects million people worldwide million people worldwide .This study is testing the effects of of different doses of sunitinib in the participants, particularly of toxicity as well effectiveness. These are earlier days, but we hope that the information which we learn from this study will help that cancer patients to therapy they want and need, as well say access to clinical trials the most recent agents, Deeken.

AMC the elected SUTENT study of, because these oral medication was approved RCC treating treat at a higher rate among HIV patients, and will in other cancers that also examined impact these patient, as lung and intestinal cancer. The trial is by the Division of Cancer treatment and Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute at a Clinical Trials Agreement with Pfizer Inc., Inc sponsor for sunitinib.